Classroom Management with Friendship

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Do you struggle with classroom management? Classroom management can be a difficult thing to master, especially in a preschool classroom. This little freebie may be just what you need to bring some friendship to your classroom. And some sanity to your life.

This is a fun little classroom management tool I use in my PreK classroom.  Our classroom is fueled on friendship.  At the beginning of the year, we have many lessons on friendship and what it means to be a good friend.  We also stress the idea of our classroom as a family and treating one another with respect and positivity. 

Printable Friendship Meter

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This Friendship Meter is helpful by allowing the class to visualize when they are doing a good job being a community.  I laminate the meter on heavy duty card stock and we use it throughout the year.  When the class does an exceptional job using manners or going out of their way to be helpful to one another, I use a red marker to color in the meter.  Once the meter is full, the class votes on where they want me to go in the time machine (a magical time machine located between the classroom.  I will elaborate more on that later) I get in the time machine and visit the place of their choosing and bring back a classroom surprise.  Some of the places I have visited are Dinosaur Land to bring back dinosaur eggs, Pizza Island for a pizza party, and the Chocolate Factory to get different types of chocolate for a taste test. I hope you enjoy this freebie and it helps to put some magic in your classroom. 

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