How to use clip cards in a preschool classroom

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Clip cards are simply pictures or other items with several options to pick from for the answer.  Students normally use clothespins in order to choose the correct answer.  Thus the name, clip cards.  

However, the use of clip cards is not just limited to being used with clothespins.  Students can also use counters to match the number of items.  They can choose the correct answer with counters.  You can use them as flashcards to have students practice subitizing skills.  Students can roll a die or dice and find the card that has the matching number of items.  The usefulness of clip cards is endless.

Clip cards can also be very useful for teaching upper and lowercase letters.  You can put the letter at the top and have the students choose the matching upper or lowercase letter.

You could make clip cards work for different themes by placing pictures from the theme with matching choices.  One that I have used in the past is placing an object such as a flower and pictures of the five senses and having students choose which sense they would use for that object.  Maybe I should put those in my store for Five Senses. Hmmmmm

Don’t let my math learning limit your creativeness.  There is really no end to the ways you can use clip cards in your Pre-K classroom.  They can be used for all content areas and themes.  The only limit of these handy little things is your imagination in how to use them.  The pictures can be adapted for any theme to keep the students engaged and excited.  They can be used with math, literacy, science, and social studies.  Please consider adding clip cards to your classroom.  Once you try them and see the excitement your students have for them you will be glad you did.

How do you use clip cards in your classroom?  Comment below to share your ideas.

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